About Us

The Elliot Lake Entertainment Series (ELES) are Presenters of Professional Performing Arts. The organization was incorporated in 1983 and is a registered not for profit corporation. It is managed by a Volunteer Board of 10 – 12 Directors. All Directors are Series’ subscribers and are mandated to be a subscriber in order to be considered for the board.

In its earlier days the organization was a presenter of predominantly classical music. After many years of presenting the board of the organization took a hiatus. At that time the ELES was presenting two series’ a year. The corporation lay dormant for a couple of years with the corporation still intact and SEED money in the bank for any new group that was interested in starting it up again. The Series was revived in 1993 by a very enthusiastic group of individuals, headed by Kate Matuszewski and Linda Finn, and has been going strong ever since.

The ELES has worked in partnership with The City of Elliot Lake and other organizations in the community and beyond, and has developed an excellent reputation for quality and successful programming. ELES works also works successfully with the local school system and endeavours to present at least one artist in the series at ELSS. The organization is the foremost presenter of professional performing arts in Elliot Lake and along the North Shore of Lake Huron.

The revived ELES presents a variety of adult programming which has included dance, theatre, comedy, and music. ELES currently presents five shows a season and will occasionally present an add-on show during the season.

The ELES is self-sustaining with its revenues coming from Subscriber Ticket Sales, Sponsorship, and Single Ticket Sales. The organization periodically secures funding from the Ontario Arts Council and in recent years benefitted from a Municipal Grant Application to Business for the Arts “artsVest” program. We have outstanding sponsorship support from the business community. Series subscriptions offer our audience an opportunity to save $$$ however, we also offer a limited amount of single tickets to augment the series subscriptions. Our current series price is $168 (prime seating) and $135 (non-prime seating) for 5 shows and single ticket prices usually range from $30 - $49. Our audience age group is varied however, usually ranges from 30 up.

Board of Directors

Kate Matuszewski, President
George Copeland, Vice President
Louis Ucci, Treasurer
Charlene Juuti, Secretary
Patricia Sykes, Director
Peter Shipman, Director
Emily Windle, Director
Vince Ucci, Director
Dominique Jean, Director
Brenda Lackie, Director
Steve Hollingshead, Director
Krista Rensink, Director


Dates of Artist Shows:

Ron Sexsmith - October 12, 2018
Tia Brazda - November 9, 2018
Derek Seguin - January 11, 2019
Madison Violet - February 1, 2019
Brass Transit - March 1, 2019